Why Choose HCG drops?

hcg dropsEverybody wants a healthy, active and fat-free body. That is why diet protocols, programs and products are all over the market. We may have used a lot of these diet regimens and pills but sad to say, our bodies did not respond well – or it’s just that such solutions do not work at all. The good news now is there is an all-natural and easy-to-maintain diet protocols that can make us look great again. This is the new, revolutionary HCG drops.

HCG drops combined with a low-fat and low-calorie diet can give our body the essential power to lose weight. Using this product can reset our body’s metabolism, making us look really amazing at the end of the diet period.

So, why choose HCG drops? Here are some of the reasons:

1. They are available and accessible to everyone who wants to lose weight. First, let us make sure that we are physically, mentally and emotionally ready before undertaking this weight-loss product to avoid complications. Asking the doctor and finding out that we are healthy and ready to undergo the weight-loss regimen is reassuring. It is important especially if we are taking medications. Although HCG is safe, it is better to double check our preparedness to counteract some unexpected side effects that may occur.

2. They can immediately bring results unlike other diet plans that take months to show positive effects. With HCG drops, we can see amazing results in just 23 days. We will immediately feel lighter and better. After 23 days, we can stop taking HCG drops and see the initial results. If we reach our target weight within the period, we can stop using the product. If there are more pounds to lose after 23 days, we need to stop for 3 days before continuing with regular intake.

3. The do not require hard and high-calorie burning workouts. We can engage in light exercises such as Pilates, yoga, tai-chi and walking. We do not need to go on weight-lifting, aerobics and running to keep our muscles firm while on this diet protocol since HCG does not destroy muscles. HCG drops will target stored fats to energize us. HCG drops also metabolize the proteins stored in our bodies. Proteins help to build muscles. This is the reason why despite rapid fat loss brought by the intake of this diet drops, our muscles are not affected. Our skin does not sag (it actually becomes firm yet supple). They also bring more rapid body changes to those who are physically active. So, if we want quicker results, we can engage in light exercise. Remember, intense workouts will prove to be detrimental, as the body doesn’t get enough calories to handle those activities.

4. They allow the hypothalamus gland to use fats coming from abnormal fat cells in our body, especially in the visceral area. With HCG drops, the gland continues its function of releasing stored fat from the body. Our body will be utilizing the energy form burned up fats, energizing us throughout the day. They help us lose unsightly fat cells usually found in the hips, thighs, and belly areas. They can effectively convert our stored fats into essential nutrients that the body needs.

5. They do not damage the vital organs of the body with prolonged intake because of its natural ingredients. They are natural components that protect the body from harm. Take note that this special hormone is secreted by women during pregnancy and sustains the fetus. HCG is manufactured by the placenta to nourish and feed essential nutrients to the fertilized egg during the early days of pregnancy. It can prevent miscarriage. Studies show that the same hormone is responsible for the changes that occur in boys during puberty, like deepening of the voice, facial hair growth, and more.

6. They reduce the risks of coronary diseases and neutralize the cholesterol level of our bodies. They stimulate and increase the sexual urges of both men and women.

7. They are taken orally and put under the tongue so our body can immediately absorb the essential content. The human body can directly absorb 95% of HCG by using this method. We need to keep the liquid under our tongue for as long as we can. The minimum required time is one minute.

8. They are better options than injections which cost thousands of dollars despite requiring prolonged treatments. HCG drops can guarantee the same results that HCG clinics promise to their clients.

These are the reasons why this easy-to-maintain product is now one of the most-widely used weight loss solutions. It has been used for many years and continues to garner positive feedback from users all over the world. Because of their natural, efficient, and safe contents, HCG drops are the choice of many. The lack of extreme adverse effects also helps the hormone-based program to gain more supporters, inspiring many obese people to embark on a journey towards weight loss without fears.

So, what are you waiting for? Start the journey to health and sexiness with the potent power of HCG drops. Create a new you by making the right choice.

Guide on Finding Appropriate Lanyards to Wear

lanyardsLanyards are among the supplies that the companies always have. Even probationary or permanent employees are entitled to have one. Maintenance and security personnel also have these straps for identification purposes. Stocks of these straps are being purchased to be given away for corporate branding and brand recognition in various events. But when it comes to purchasing supplies, knowing what type of lanyards to buy are essential because they come in different styles and types.

Consider the tips below to get an ideal lanyard:

Know the desired type and length

In choosing these straps, an individual should deal with the different styles available in the market today. The most common types are the round braided and the flat braided ones. These are usually simple in design. For those seeking environment friendly supplies, there are eco-friendly types of straps that are usually made from bamboo or recycled plastics.
Are you looking for detachable ID badges? Then consider buying OptiBraid and OptiWeave type of straps. These straps enable any item to become detachable from the straps while still wearing them. Do you need to express support for a variety of causes such as cancer prevention and animal rights? There are awareness straps for purchase. For those who want to promote safety, the reflective straps available. For fashionably trendy individuals, there are creative beaded types as well as the imitation leather types.
The ideal length of straps is usually 36 inches, while the standard width’s around 3/8” to 5/8”.

Know the difference between breakaway and non-breakaway styles

Lanyards usually come in either one of these styles. It is typically safer to wear breakaways because if the strap is caught on something or pulled by someone, the clasp opens automatically so that the person wearing it won’t get hurt. With that in mind, it should be clear why it’s often recommended to buy the breakaway type if safety is a big workplace issue. These breakaway clasps are ideal for use in secured facilities such as prisons and court houses. They can be also used in schools and hospitals where there are higher chances of grabbing (done by students and patients).

Consider how the lanyard’s end was made

Finishing touches on strap’s end are typically done through beading, crimping or sewing. If a lanyard’s end is crimped, choose what’s best between a black oxide and a nickel-plated one.

Picture how badges and IDs can be attached. The two simplest types of attachments in straps are the hook and the split key ring. Other available attachment types include mobile phone hooks, swivel hooks, and bulldog clips. OptiBraid and OptiWeave types, as mentioned above, typically have their own cool options for attachment types.

There are other considerations to keep in mind when making lanyard purchases, especially when going for those customized variants. Apart from color, the graphics and texts are also of importance. One can also choose to print designs through silkscreen or dye sub imprinting. When opting to go with OptiBraid type of lanyards, one must choose between diamond and round sliders. Definitely last but not the least, the cost should always matter. Go for both quality and quantity. Getting best quality (yet affordable) straps would mean they would be less likely to be replaced soon.

By keeping all these things in mind, shopping for a more appropriate strap to suit one’s company or personal lifestyle will be less difficult. Remember that this fancy item will introduce and represent the company’s name, so choosing wisely is important. Well, even if you’re aiming to use such laces for security purposes, you’ll still have to think thoroughly in every step of the way.


Printed circuit boards are the brains and hearts of any simple to complex device invented by man. They are also known as printed wiring cards or printed wiring boards.

pcb fabricationBefore their advent, manufacturing companies used the laborious point-to-point method which was not very reliable because of frequent wire malfunctions at their junctions. There were also cases of short circuits when the insulation cracked because of long usage. Other methods also used before were turret board or wire wrap for small productions. In wire-wrap, small wires were tightly-wrapped in each connection point. This method was more durable and changeable.

The structure of printed circuit boards can be likened to that of a layered cake. Each layer contains different components. They are laminated together with solder – a strong metal that serves as adhesive that connects the electronic components to the surface of the circuit board.

Printed circuit boards are essentially composed of the following:

1.Substrate or FR4

It is the base material or the board which is usually a fiberglass or high-temperature plastic like Kapton. It is a solid, thick and durable core that gives PCB firmness and stability. Other materials which are cheaper are phenolics and epoxies. These materials are not durable enough to last for long and used in low-end electronic devices or household products. Phenolics in particular are easily delaminated or burned because of its low thermal decomposition temperature. It also emits a bad smell during the soldering process.

2.Copper foil

It is a thin layer of copper laminated to the board. It can be one-sided, two-sided or multi-layered. One-sided board contains all the electronic components on one side only. Double-sided ones have copper foils on each side of the substrate. These are used when the product contains more chips and components. Holes are drilled through the substrate to make electrical connection. These holes are plated with conducting materials to avoid short circuits. The multi-layered board contains layers of printed circuits which are separated by insulation. These layers are also electrically connected by plated holes from the surface to the last layer. To make a strong and inseparable board, the materials are pressed through pressure and heat for a longer period.


The layer above the copper foil is the soldermask. It is the colored layer of the board which is usually green. It is put on top of the copper layer to protect the copper etchings and to avoid accidental contact with conductive materials, metals and solder. It also prevents solder jumpers. Areas that are not used for soldering are covered with soldermask. The plate covering can be gold, tin, nickel or solder to etch away the excess copper.

It is important to prevent the quick oxidation process of bare copper. Oxidation diminishes the ability of the copper to be solderable. The traditional way is to coat the unneeded copper with tin-lead alloy. But in order to comply with Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) that restricts the usage of lead in United States and European Union countries, new solder compounds are used. One example is SN100CL which is composed of 99.3 percent tin, 0.05% nickel, 0.7% copper, and 60ppm of germanium.

4.Legend printing

It is the layer placed above the soldermask where symbols, letters and numbers can be found to indicate the individual function of the board LED or pins. The printable layer contains important component designators, settings, test points, and other helpful instructions for the user. The popular printing methods are silkscreen printing, ink-jet printing, and liquid photo imaging. In silkscreen, white is the common color, but other ink colors can be used like red, black, yellow and gray. The inkjet printing method is becoming more popular because of its capacity to print bar codes with serial numbers.

By now, one thing should finally be clear to you – printed circuit boards vary in complexity, which can be seen from their structure.

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The Mystery of the Challenge-Custom Coins

There are many kinds of custom coins, but the most well-known of these are those of military origin, otherwise known as Challenge Coins.

custom coinsSuch coins are a mystery for many people who have no experience, ties or affiliation with the military. However, challenge coins are an important tradition in the armed forces as they use them to help promote and build up camaraderie among those who belong to the same service branch. Owning one of these custom coins allows one to proudly claim that he is a legitimate member of a particular group.

To depict the significance of challenge coins in military history, there is one well-known story that has achieved legend status thanks to how widely the story has been retold. Story has it that during World War I, a US fighter pilot’s aircraft was shot down in Germany. He was caught and held in detention, but later escaped when the British came in to liberate the area. This afforded the prisoner a chance to escape.

Later on, the prisoner fell into the custody of French officers who believed him to be a spy. He had lost all his belongings, and his experience with the Germans much altered his looks and demeanor, thus causing the French to doubt his identity. As he was about to be executed, the American managed to save his life by presenting his challenge coin – one that was given to him by his lieutenant before deployment. It was this very coin – which was covered by special marks – that proved that he was a member of the unit he claimed affiliation to.

coinsIn popular culture, the significance of these military custom coins are well-depicted. One example is an episode in the 7th season of Criminal Minds, which was aired on March 21, 2012. In this episode, a boy is kidnapped, but becomes mute even after he has been rescued by his kidnapper. Special Agent Derek Morgan attempts to break through the wall of trauma by telling the boy his own version of the WWI story. To encourage the boy further, he gives him his challenge coin as a keepsake and reminder. Later the episode ends showing that Morgan has more than a dozen other challenge coins on display on his desk.

Stories of “challenge” are what gave these special custom coins the moniker that they have today.

The traditional way for a military man to handle his coin is to carry it around on him at all times and to wear it around his neck in a pouch. The rules that determine how a challenge is put forth are different for every organization and are not formally established.

This challenge can take place suddenly at any time and is initiated by a challenger who slaps the coin on a table in a bar. The person who is being challenged must produce the coin. Failure to do so means he has to buy drinks for the challenger and every person in the room has a coin with him. If all the people challenged show their coins, then the challenger must buy drinks for everyone.

Such traditions are meant to build the morale of unit members and to give them a sense of belonging and loyalty to their group. It is interesting to note how custom coins can be used in such ways that connect and strengthen ties between people of the same group.

We don’t charge for design, art or revisions, so you can experiment with the design of your custom coins until they’re exactly the way you want them.

How a Portable Shipping Container Shape the Future

The people in this era are becoming more and more aware of the growing need for affordable housing. More people are becoming homeless in all parts of the world because of the high cost of building or renting a home. However, the moment people discovered the usability of shipping containers in providing shelters for homeless people and for the marginalized sectors of the developing countries, the demand in shipping containers went up.

storage containerFrom the sole purpose of being freight containers, these stackable, corrugated, metal containers have gained popularity in the construction business. Portable storage container architecture also became in demand because construction ideas for these metal containers are endless.

Reclaim and Up-Cycle

A lot of people think that by buying brand new shipping containers, they were able to get the best deal possible. However, although it is true that brand new items are better in terms of quality, the truth is, a lot of shipping containers sitting abandoned in shipyards are as good as new and they are absolutely way cheaper.

You get a better deal when you reclaim a used shipping container. Aside from being more cost efficient, up-cycling storage containers into something that will stay for a long time also help the environment in a lot of ways possible. Reclaiming and up-cycling metal containers sweep off some of the junks that build up on the earth’s surface through the course of time.

The Art in Portable storage Container Edifices

There is art in every structure made and there is definitely a lot of it in shipping container edifices. Not only that the material of shipping containers takes structures on a different level aesthetically speaking, it also creates a whole new perspective in modern architecture.

The art of making a livable space out of these metal boxes is not really that easy. The house “space” part was easy, but architects still need to figure out how to actually make it “livable”. Because these containers are made out of metal, insulation and location are two of the few factors to consider before building an edifice out of it. Surely no one wants an oven or a freezer for a home.

In addition, cutting and tailoring the metal walls of a portable storage container to create doors, windows and more space is very indispensable because shipping containers are standard in shape. This may cost people extra but is still comparably cheaper in general than traditional home building.

Shipping Home Architecture

The art in shipping container home does not end in making an ordinary modular steel box “livable”. The architectural perspective shipping containers homes provide to a lot of architects are always fresh and audacious. It transcends a lot of modern architectural perspectives and re-evaluates the meaning of modern architecture. It is simply out of the box.

Modern architecture does always have to be expensive and made from raw and costly materials. Modern architecture should be able to see beyond the design and tag price. It should also be about functionality, efficiency, sustainability, accessibility and should promote environmental and social consciousness.

A home built from a reclaimed portable storage container is absolutely what modern architecture is all about. It is cost-effective, time-efficient, and easily accessible by the masses and helps reduce the earth’s rubbish. The idea of building affordable and sustainable homes from these metal containers puts a ray of hope that people who are homeless may have some place that they can call home. It puts hope on everyone who wants to have a place that they can come home to without worrying about the huge amount of mortgage or rent that come to their doors every month.

The many faces of an ordinary lanyard

In a world where a single item should have more than one purpose, manufacturers are always hard at work to come up with innovations. A lot of lanyard factories around the country and all over the globe are starting to come up with unique ways through which people can use their creations. The thought of their competitors having control of the market is enough to keep them at their feet. Well, if you’re new to lanyards, it’d be best to familiar yourself with their most basic uses (listed below) before exploring their unorthodox applications.

ordinary lanyard•  An accessory that can hold their keys – if you’re having trouble keeping all your keys in one place, you might have to purchase a lanyard or two. Some manufacturers specifically configure their products to hold large amounts of keys, making their offerings capable of carrying the combined weight of these small metallic objects (remember, keys aren’t that light even though they’re quite compact). Of course, if your keys are so important that some people are trying to steal them, keeping them attached to a single lanyard that you can bring anywhere should be an excellent means of discouraging such would-be thieves.

•  A stylish way to accessorize a gadget – if you’re among those who prioritize style over everything else, you’ll definitely benefit from these useful laces. After all, they come in all shapes and sizes, as well as in all designs and colors. For example, if your mobile is shiny, red, and sleek and you wish to keep it within reach by using a lanyard, you have the chance to pick one that’s made of something expensive-looking. A black satin lanyard should make your mobile look even more precious. Well, it’s also an option to choose one that’s of the same color as your phone, and you’ll simply create contrast with your shirt’s shade.

•  Additional way for companies to promote themselves – most of the time, you’ll see lanyards that bear the name of companies and brands. Lanyard manufacturers make lots of money by offering their services to those who need to promote or spread awareness. Aside from serving as visual advertisements, these customized laces sometimes become conversation starters. How often have you asked about a person’s profession and affiliation after seeing the lanyard he’s wearing? Probably, you’ve done that dozens of times. It’s not really shocking since humans are innately curious.

•  A means of ensuring safety in the workplace – have you ever been told by someone that he’s required to wear his ID using the company-provided lanyard while inside office premises? Well, wearing IDs and specially-made lanyards makes it easy to identify a company’s employees and in turn, makes trespassers and thieves easy to spot even in the crowd. It’s also quite common that visitors allowed inside the company building are issued passes attached to color-coded lanyards (in some cases, these laces have no design at all, signifying that those wearing them are not a part of the company’s workforce).

Are you much more interested about lanyards now that you’ve learned about their most important (and common) uses? Do you think that you’re ready to discover their most groundbreaking applications? No matter what your answer might be, you shouldn’t forget one important thing – you also have the power to come up with new ways of using those fascinating cords. Go ahead and get a few, use them to carry your things for a short while, and afterwards get your creative juices flowing.

Think of the things you need improved (especially in terms of convenience) and soon enough, you’ll come up with unique ways of using those lanyards.

What Men Wear Out on the Course?

One of the most finicky sports in terms of attire is golf. Considered as part of the golf equipment, players believe that a proper set of golf apparel could help improve one’s game play. Male golf players often dress up depending on the type of gaming they will be playing. Now, whether a golfer would be playing for personal leisure or for a business front, he should still be able to choose an appropriate set of golf attire that would ultimately help in his game goal.

From the very top, golf players could wear a hat to protect them from the sun’s rays. An acceptable hat to wear in the golf course is a clean normal baseball cap. There are also straw golf hats designed to keep the sun’s glare away from the face.

The next article of clothing would be the top for men. The standard golf apparel would be a clean collared polo shirt. The most common colors for these shirts are white, brown, or blue. These polo shirts could be solid-colored, brightly colored, or patterned, as long as the polo shirt is well fitted, clean, and has no offending print on it. Depending on how low the temperature would be, the polo shirt could be matched with a golf jacket, sweater, pullover, or cardigan.

For a better investment, men should try investing in apparel specifically designed for golf, as these sets of golf attire would have technological infusion in them. Some sample technology in golf apparel are wrinkle and dirt resistant characteristics, and moisture wicking feature, which keeps the player cool and dry from sweat despite a humid weather.

golf apparelNow, for the bottom, men could just choose long cotton pants as these are safe choices for any golf courses. They should never play golf wearing frayed jeans, or other kinds of denim. The pair of pants could be in neutral or dark colors, complementing the top of the person; the most common color for pants is khaki. A good fashion tip for men is to never pick a pair of pants with the same design as those of the top apparel. The rule of thumb in golf fashion for men is that a single plaid or pattern style is enough in the entire ensemble. In addition, golf players should check the pants for belt loops and should avoid those with cuffs.

There are however golf courses that are not as traditional as the others. These golf courses permit their male players to go to the range in shorts. Despite this, there are still certain rules regarding wearing a pair of shorts in the golf range. For example, a golf player should ensure that the pair of shorts should be long enough to cover the knees. Moreover, the same rule on denims would be carried over when choosing shorts over pants that are to never wear denims to the golf range.

Technology has also reached the golf apparel bottom. There are pairs of golf slacks created depending on the type of weather. There are water resistant bottoms best for cool weather while there are those best for humid weather.

For the accessories, golf players are also required to wear a belt to hold the pants. As the shirt is also required to be tucked in the pants, the belt would be visible to anyone; this is why it is important to choose a sophisticated looking belt. In choosing a belt, a person should check if the color of the belt complements the color of the bottom.

All these tips are simple enough to help a male golf player choose golf apparel he could wear in the golf range. The best tip however is to call the golf course and inquire if they have any dress code.